2020 PanSIG Journal Call for Papers

I think everyone would agree that the PanSIG conference on June 20 and 21 was a great success. It gave us a chance to share our ideas and connect with colleagues despite the limitations imposed by the Covid 19 pandemic. As we are all learning, we can still connect despite being physically distanced. With the Spring semester coming to an end and some of our teaching tasks winding down, it is a good time to write a submission for PanSIG 2020 Online's proceedings journal.

All presenters at JALT PanSIG 2020 Online are invited to submit a paper based on their presentation for publication in the 2020 PanSIG Journal. All submissions should be made by sending a properly formatted manuscript to pansig2020journal@gmail.com. In the same way that the presentations were vetted prior to the conference, the conference papers will also be subjected to peer review. Publication in the 2020 PanSIG Journal qualifies as a refereed publication.

Submissions should be no longer than 4,000 words, including references. Note that any paper over 4,500 words will not be considered for publication and any paper of fewer than 2,500 words are unlikely to be selected for inclusion. Also, please try to restrict any appendices to a maximum of three pages. Papers should be either research or practice-oriented. Please look at previous PanSIG Journal articles for examples of these two types of papers.

Authors who submit a manuscript for review will be assigned a paper for review. If there are multiple authors for one paper, one author will need to review a paper for the proceedings journal.


We look forward to your submissions,

Patrick Conaway
(2020 PanSIG Journal Editor)