Getting to AIU

Please refer to Akita International University's own website to see how to get to AIU. There is also a campus map in English.

Shuttle Bus to AIU

We will have limited space on shuttle busses between AIU and the downtown Akita area. Since space is limited, presenters are encouraged to plan their arrivals carefully.

Google MapGoogle map link

For customized directions, please open Google Maps to AIU and click the icon for directions.


The airport has great information about flight arrivals.

Airport Limousine Bus to Akita

Airport limousine bus schedule from the airport to Akita Station (site in Japanese) for the period of May 1-31. The bus leaves Akita Airport and stops at the west exit of Akita Station before arriving at the prefectural office. The trip to the station takes about 35 minutes. Under the red heading, from the left are listed the times for the airport departure, arrival at the east exit of the station (none), arrival at the west gate of the station, and arrival at the prefectural office. Flight arrival information is listed under the light grey heading.

Airport limousine bus schedule from Akita Station to the airport (site in Japanese) for the period of May 1-31. The bus leaves from the city hall and then stops at the west exit of Akita Station before arriving at the airport. The trip takes about 35 minutes from the station. Under the green heading, from the left times for the city hall departure, station departure, and airport arrival are listed. Flight departure information is listed under the grey heading.

Car to AIU

If you're driving, please see our information about on-site parking.

Car Rental:Times Car Rental at Akita Airport

Train and Bus to AIU

The nearest train station to AIU is Wada Station, and it is two stops from Akita Station. The trip takes about 15 minutes and costs 240 yen.

Train schedule from Akita Station to Wada Station (in Japanese)

Train schedule from Wada Station to Akita Station (in Japanese)

Bus schedule between Wada Station and AIU (in Japanese)

  • Click 土曜日 for Saturday's schedule and 日祝日 for Sunday's.
  • The 下がり schedule is for buses leaving Wada Station for AIU.
  • The 上がり schedule is for buses leaving AIU for Wada Station.
  • The fare is 160 yen and the trip takes about 15-20 minutes.


Although the stations and airport have taxi stands, the Akita International University does not. You will need to plan in advance to travel by taxi from AIU. We will have a taxi help desk near registration where bilingual volunteers can help arrange taxis. Akita Station taxi stand

  • Akita Godo Taxi 018-823-6177
  • Asahi Taxi 018-834-5555
  • King Taxi 018-862-6677
  • Kokusai Taxi 018-833-5931
  • Taxi Center Ai 018-823-1111
  • Akita Minato Kotsu 018-845-1133
  • Takara Taxi 018-828-2123
  • Akita Chuo Taxi 018-823-7474
  • Katsuhira Taxi 018-823-8141
  • Shin Akita Kokusai Motors 018-888-5151
  • Takao Hire 018-839-2231
  • Akita Kento Kotsu 018-893-4649
  • Komachi Taxi 018-884-1239
  • Ukita Sangyo Kotsu 018-888-9600
  • Good Luck 018-857-3313

Taxi Trips (the travel times and fares are approximate)

  • Akita Station - AIU: 5000 yen / 35 minutes 
  • Wada Station - AIU: 2200 yen / 10 minutes
  • Airport - AIU: 2300 yen / 10 minutes

Getting Back

People needing to go to the airport on Sunday afternoon can do so on the final (2) shuttle busses going back into the city, as they will stop at the airport first. (Please note that seating is limited.) Those who wish to go to the airport from AIU at other times (i.e. before the airport buses are scheduled to leave) will need to make their own arrangements. We will have volunteers with taxi information on hand, but it may be wise to book taxis ahead of time - there is no sitting taxi rank at AIU. 

If you plan on flying back after the conference, your best course of action may be to bring your bags with you to the conference, since AIU is rather close to the airport.