2003 JALT Pan-SIG Conference Proceedings

Is appropriate appropriate?
An investigation of interpersonal semantic stability

by H.P.L. Molloy

Appendix 1: Phase I data-collection instrument
Advice data collection sheet

This paper is for collecting information about giving advice. The information will be used for study in our class, in other classes, and in research (which means some of your words may be published in academic journals). This means that other people may see your words. No one, however, besides myself, will see your name. For your privacy, if you do not other people to see your answers, you can check the box below. Thank you.

_____ Yes, it is OK to use my words. _____ No, please do not use my words.

Below, please describe the last time someone asked you for advice.
Who was it? What was your relationship with the person? What did the person ask?

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