2003 JALT Pan-SIG Conference Proceedings

Is appropriate appropriate? An investigation of interpersonal semantic stability
by H.P.L. Molloy

Figure 1. Alscal two-dimensional solution showing the distances between stimuli

Figure 1

As noted in the text, the x-axis could indicate degree of emphasis on self-reliance (higher toward the left) and the y-axis emphasis on consequences (higher toward the bottom). Also, dimensions in multidimensional scaling have meaning only when interpreted by the user of the output.

Figure 2. Indscal two-dimensional solution showing the relative importance placed on dimensions 1 and 2 (x- and y-axes in Figure 1) by particpants.

Figure 2

Note that origin is essentially arbitrary, but that intervals are stable.
Also, the dimensions in multidimensional scaling solutions have no fixed meanings:
it is up to users of the output to interpret the dimensions.

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