Investigating student response patterns in a multiple-choice grammar and reading proficiency test

Appendix A: Original Test Items

I.次の(1)〜(20)の英文中の(  )に入れるのに最も適切のものを,それぞれの @〜C の中から1つずつ選び
解答用紙の 1〜20 にマークして答えなさい。

(1) In Japan, the general   is held at least once in four years.

(2) The train  to arrive at 11.30, but it was an hour late.

(3) I'm very sorry.  I must  for being late.

(4) Could you  me a few minutes?  I have something to tell you.

(5) We can tell a person's character by the  he keeps.

(6) I thanked him for the offer but turned .

(7) The dress I bought last summer is already out of .

(8) He can speak French and German,  of English.

(9) She is on good  with her next-door neighbor.

(10) The elevator was out of , so I had to walk to the seventh floor.

(11) They are not allowed to smoke while they are . 

(12) Will you  me up when I make my proposal?

(13) They made  of the boss behind his back.

(14) Please give my best  to your parents.

(15) Emily was kind enough to inform me  Tom's illness.

(16) The newspaper says that  20 persons were killed in the traffic accident last Saturday.

(17) Father asked me what  with the camera.

(18) Mr. Ito  for five years when I started working at this college.

(19) If another great earthquake should occur in Tokyo, what  of us?

(20) Thank you very much for  me to the party.

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II. 次の英文中の空所 21〜25 に入れるのに最も適切な語句を,それぞれの @〜C の中から1つずつ選び,
解答用紙の 問 21〜25 にマークして答えなさい。

Football was very popular in the ancient world, and some versions of the game were played in both Greece and Rome for at least seven centuries. Classical literature many references to the sport, and detailed accounts of how it was played. Among the early Greeks, , there was a game in which the players tried to carry a small ball ( similar to the modern football ) across a line defended by the other side. A game very much it was played in Rome. It appears that players passed the ball to one another, but did not kick it. There was, however, plenty of tackling, running, and throwing of the ball. This was by Galen, a second-century physician and philosophical writer and much- sought-after doctor in Rome. He indicated how the various activities of the players stamina and contributed to their health.

III. 次の英文中の空所 26〜30 に入れるのに最も適切な語句を,それぞれの @〜D の中から 1つずつ選び,
解答用紙の 問 26〜30 にマークして答えなさい。

Every year accidents kill thousands of people, injure millions more and destroy buildings, land, and valuables. Many of these accidents are caused by carelessness or by defects in buildings or machines. If a man runs out into a busy street and is hit by a car, his carelessness has caused the accident and no one but himself to blame. But if a ceiling falls on him when he is in a building, it is a different matter. The ceiling may have been poorly constructed, or the landlord may have allowed it . Then the man or the landlord is to blame. A few accidents are so strange and that little can be done to guard against them, and they are nobody's fault. They are usually caused by freaks of nature and are so called freak accidents. Many accidents, however, could easily be prevented simple rules of safety in home, schools, offices, cars, and public places.

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