JALT Pan-SIG Conference Proceedings

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A - C

3+ language learning
academic writing process
advice giving & personality
assessing communicative competence
assessment literacy
autonomy, authenticity, & criticality in EFL
communicative teaching
communicative TOEIC® teaching
complaint strategies in Japanese & English
compliments & gender
CRT test design & analysis
curricular design & communicative assessment
curricular reform at Ritsumeikan University
curricular reform in Thailand
curriculum reform & evaluation
curricular reform at a Japanese university

D - H

drama for childrens' EFL classes
drama for EFL classes
EAP assessment
entrance examination innovation
entrance examination scores
ethnographic research
evaluating communicative learning activities
extensive reading & assessment
fluency in EFL classrooms
gendered discourse in an American film
group dynamics & learning beliefs

I - M

in-house placement test validation
in-house placement test validation
intercultural pragmatics
interlanguage pragmatics & assessment
interpersonal semantic stability
Japanese & English change of state tokens
Japanese Nat. Centre Test (Eng. Listening Sec.)
Keisen University's Center for English Education and Research
learner autonomy
levels of scientific evidence
management, leadership, and change in a national university
mixed-level language classes
multilingual discourse analysis

N - R

needs analysis
non-verbal communication skills
oral proficiency test formats
portfolio assessment in EFL classrooms
poster sessions & EFL
pragmatic transfer & appreciation strategies
questioning strategies
Rasch analysis: a critical inquiry
Rasch & test validity
reading motivation
reading test formats
reading test performance
reduced speech forms & pronunciation
religious education & EFL

S - Z

scrapbooks in EFL classes
situational sensitivity & interlanguage pragmatics
streaming & curriculum design
strength-based education
study abroad among Japanese
student voice
teacher stress
test evaluation & validation
testing validation
text book authoring process
text book authoring & state approval
text book authoring & state approval
TOEIC – STEP Bulats Speaking correlations
TOEIC – STEP Bulats Writing correlations
TOEIC use & misuse
Tokai University's Foreign Language Center
university entrance examinations
verbal reports & annotated cloze
video use & learner autonomy
Vygotsky & teacher education
writing assessment
writing test analysis
writing instruction

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