PanSIG 2019 Committee

Thank you to these hard-working volunteers of the PanSIG 2019 Conferences.


  • RPAC Rep : Joel Laurier
  • Conference Chair: Michael Hollenback
  • Conference Co-Chair (2020 Chair): Aleda Krause
  • Analytics Chair: Jim Sick
  • AM Liaison: Jason Pratt
  • PanSIG Journal Editor: Debopriyo Roy
  • Assistant PanSIG Journal Editor: John Blake
  • Environment Chair: Brent Simmonds


  • Submissions & Review Co-chair: Wendy Gough
  • Submissions & Review Co-chair: Jamie Taylor
  • Scheduling Chair: Jennie Roloff Rothman

PR (Public Relations)

  • PR Chair: Mehrasa Alizadeh
  • Website Chair: Bill Pellowe
  • Illustrator: James Dunn


  • Conference Treasurer: Peggy Ishikawa

Conference Site

  • Site Chair: Roger Palmer