Saturday Evening Networking Dinner Banquet

Details about the PanSIG 2019 Networking Dinner Banquet will be forthcoming.

The PanSIG 2018 banquet will be held on-site in the cafeteria of Toyo Gakuen University (Building 1, on the 5th floor) on Saturday, May 19th, from 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm. The banquet will cost 4,000 yen. (Pre-registration is required.) Please note that entry to Building 1 is ONLY between 6:30 pm–7:00 pm.

Conference attendees who registered and paid for the banquet will receive a ticket with their name tag and lanyard. This ticket will be required to enter the banquet. The banquet will be held in the 5th floor cafeteria of building 1 and the banquet ticket will be needed for entry.

We are sorry but tickets for the banquet will not be sold on-site. Your understanding is appreciated.

Room 1505, located in the same building and on the same floor as the party, has been reserved as the cloak room for this event. It will not be staffed, but teachers are welcome to put their bags there with the understanding and knowledge that PanSIG takes no responsibility for any loss or damage.