PanSIG 2019 Site Guide

Site Facilities at PanSIG 2019

Public WiFi will be available on the 5th floor open area, near the SIG tables. We encourage presenters and attendees to bring their own tethering device.

There is a small convenience store on site that will be open during the conference. As well, lunch will be available at the school cafeteria, which will be serving on both Saturday and Sunday for the conference.

There will be a Kid's Space that will be staffed with student volunteers. Please feel free to bring your children along to this event.

There will be a multi-purpose room available for attendees for prayer, nursing, or other needs. This room is intended for short-term activities, and attendees should be sparing with its use.

Garbage collection will be handled by a single collection point on the 1st floor. Please refrain from using the garbage cans on the other floors on site.

Floor Guide

Venue 1st floor map

Venue 2nd floor map

Venue 3rd floor map

Venue 5th floor map