Information for Presenters

Information specific to PanSIG 2019 will be forthcoming.

Registration & Payment

Presentation Room Equipment

There are PC computers (Windows 10) available in each room. If you intend to use the site's computers, please bring your presentation documents on a USB stick. Note that there might be compatibility issues between different versions of the PowerPoint software, so we encourage you to save your presentation as a .pdf slide set as a back-up.

There will be no WiFi in the presentation rooms, although there is wired Internet. You can connect to the Internet via the school computers (Windows 10). If you need to connect your own device to the Internet, please be sure that you bring your own portable WiFi or tethering device.

Similarly, please bring any adapter that you require to connect your device to the projectors. All rooms have speakers and projectors with VGA cable and connector, with some rooms having HDMI as well. PanSIG will not provide dongles or adapters to connect laptops or other devices to projectors.

Poster Presentations

Posters will be put on one side of a whiteboard. The size of a whiteboard is approximately 75 cm (H) and 172 cm (W). Posters can be attached by tape or magnets. There will be one poster per whiteboard.

Please see our "Interactive Poster Presentations" page for information and advice about poster presentations.

2018 PanSIG Journal:

All presenters at PanSIG 2018 will be invited to submit a paper based on their presentation for publication in the 2018 PanSIG Journal. In the same way that the presentations were vetted prior to the conference, the conference papers will also be subjected to peer review. Publication in the 2018 PanSIG Journal qualifies as a refereed publication. We would therefore like to encourage all presenters to submit a paper. The deadline for submissions will be announced later. Please see the PanSIG Journal site for details.

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