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How to get to the KSU campus

Download a transportation map (PDF) to KSU (PDF)
Japanese version of transportation map(PDF、日本語)

The university campus is in the north part of the city. DON’T go to the satellite campus near Kyoto Station. That is where the affiliated high school is located.

There are multiple ways to reach the campus by public transportation. The Karasuma subway line runs north-south through the center of Kyoto City. 

  1. From Kyoto Station take the subway (Karasuma line) all the way to the last station Kokusaikaikan (International Conference Center). About 20 minutes. From there take the #40 bus direct to the campus (the bust stop is the furthest one from the station) or a taxi (there is a taxi rank outside the station). About 10 minutes.
  2. From Kitaoji Station on the Karasuma subway line there is the 北3 bus that leaves from the underground bus station and goes to the KSU campus. About 20 minutes.
  3. The Hankyu train line that approaches Kyoto from Umeda, Osaka on the west side of the city joins the Karasuma subway line at Karasuma Station. You can take the subway from there. 
  4. From Demachiyanagi Station (the final station on the Keihan Line that approaches Kyoto from Osaka and Shiga on the east side) you can take a bus directly to the KSU campus (about 30 minutes).
  5. Also from Demachiyanagi Station, you can take the Eizan train to Nikenchaya Station (15 minutes) and take the free university shuttle bus to the campus from the station (not available Saturday afternoon or Sunday). It takes only 15 minutes to walk to the campus from the station.
  6. There is a free university shuttle bus service on Saturday morning to the campus from the Kamigamo Shrine bus terminal. This is a 15-minute walk from the Kitayama subway station.

The conference will provide a free bus service from the campus at the end of each day to Kitayama subway station and Demachiyanagi station. From these two transportation hubs, people will be able to return easily to the center of Kyoto, the Hankyu line, and Kyoto Station and to the east of Kyoto and the Keihan train line.