PanSIG 2020 Committee

Bringing PanSIG 2020 online after having planned an on-site, in person conference has been a challenge. PanSIG is grateful to the hard work of the JALTCALL SIG, which also had a "suddenly online" conference, for providing the inspiration and the expertise to get PanSIG 2020 on its feet.

Conference Website (

  • Website Chair: Gary Ross
  • Website Coordinator: Joe Tomei


  • AM Liaison: Jason Pratt
  • Scheduling Chair: Melodie Cook
  • AM Liaison: Jason Pratt
  • Submissions & Review Chair: Frazer Smith


  • Conference Website ( Bill Pellowe
  • Illustrator: James Dunn
  • PR Chair: Mehrasa Alizadeh

Virtual Site

  • Communications Chair: Jennie Crittenden
  • Room Coordinator Chair: José Domingo Cruz
  • Room Coordinators:
    • Richard Bailey
    • Paul Beaufait
    • Henry Christopher
    • Pat Conaway
    • Kevin Cozma
    • Jennie Crittenden
    • Steve Henneberry
    • Adam Jenkins
    • Linda K. Kadota
    • Dawn Lucovich
    • Phil Nguyen
    • Grant Osterman
    • Bill Pellowe
    • Gabriela Schmidt
    • Joe Tomei
  • Youtube Coordinator: Erin Noxon
  • Virtual Conference Committee Chair: Dawn Lucovich


  • Co-Chairs for (Niigata) Site: Melodie Cook, Howard Brown
  • Conference Chair (for Niigata conference): Aleda Krause
  • Executive Treasurer: Peggy Ishikawa
  • RPACC (Regional Professional Activities Committee Chair): Nathaniel Reed
  • Shadow Conference Chair: Gabriela Schmidt
  • SIG Representative (Acting Conference Chair): Mark Brierley


  • Analytics Chair: Jim Sick
  • Conference Treasurer: Phil Nguyen
  • Environment Chair: Brent Simmonds
  • 2019 PanSIG Journal Editor: John Blake
  • 2019 PanSIG Journal Editor: Debopriyo Roy
  • 2020 PanSIG Journal Editor: Patrick Conaway