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Sending boxes to PanSIG 2023

Shipping information for PanSIG 2024 is TBA

For those who have display areas at PanSIG 2023 (such as SIGs, publishers, etc.), the information on this page will help you send your packages to and from the PanSIG conference.

Please send boxes to this address to arrive on Thursday, May 11 before 18:00

  • Japanese:
    C/O PanSIG 2023 Amanda Gillis-Furutaka
  • English:
    PanSIG 2023 Amanda Gillis-Furutaka
    Faculty of Foreign Studies Office
    Kyoto Sangyo University
    Kita-ku, Kyoto

Time and place for collection of boxes being returned is 16:30 on Sunday May 14 at room S102 (first floor of the conference building). The post office yu-pack (parcel) service will be used and pay-on-delivery address labels will be provided. The post office will collect the boxes on Monday morning, May 15.