Social Events at PanSIG 2022

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Virtual Social Event

Pre-Conference (5th June at Gather Town online social meeting)

Creating an avatar that you can use in a virtual reality space and socialize with conference attendees.

Hiking Mt. Iizuna and Walking Tour

Pre-Conference (Friday, July 8)

Early arrivals can participate in a guided hike of Mt. Iizuna (1917m) in the morning and afternoon, or enjoy a walking tour of Nagano City (60-75 minutes in the afternoon).

Nagaden Beer Train

Conference Night (Friday, July 8)

Price: 5,000 yen / 5000円

Drink menu: Local craft beer for the first drink and draft beer from the tap

Food menu: Bento (rice, inari, 4 kinds of side dishes, two kinds of fried food, an egg-based dish, and meat food)


"All aboard!" Friday night participants will be able to enjoy local foods and drinks in the Nagaden Beer Train. Join the beer train from the URL at the top. 

19:30 (Departing from Nagano Dentetsu Station)
19:36 (Arriving at Hongo station for a brief stop to pick up any PanSIGgers participating in Friday night presentations at the University of Nagano)
20:14 (Arriving and staying at Obuse for a bathroom break and gift shopping)
21:21 (Arriving at Nagano Dentetsu Station)

Conference Dinner

Conference Night (Saturday, July 9)

Venue: The Saihokukan Hotel

Time: 19:00 - 21:00

Price: 6,500 yen / 6,500円

Menu: Western & Japanese, Vegetarian, and Halal will be served with all you can drink.

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Togakushi  Bus Tour

Conference Morning (Sunday, July 10)

Since the number of seats is limited, the tickets will be sold on a first-come and first-served bases.
Togakushi Website in English
Togakushi Website in Japanese

Price: Free


8:00 am (Leaving JR Nagano with a excursion bus)


9:00 am (Arriving at Togakushi)


12:00 pm (Leaving Togakushi)


13:00 (Arriving at the University of Nagano)