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SIG Forums at PanSIG 2024

Forums will be 90 minutes long, and split over the two days of the conference. 

Please note that this list may change; please see the PanSIG online schedule for the confirmed schedule.

Saturday, May 25th (13:20 ~ 14:50)

  • Business Communication SIG
    English - the language of global business? The situation in Japan
  • CEFR and Language Portfolio SIG (Common European Framework for Reference)
    Initiating Action Research: Transforming Current Practices with CEFR Key Concepts
  • CUE SIG (College & University Educators)
    (Re-)learning to Face Our Students Again
  • GILE SIG (Global Issues in Language Education)
    English for Sports and International Communication
  • ICLE SIG (Intercultural Communication in Language Education)
    Back to Basics: Intercultural activities in the foreign language classroom
  • Learner Development SIG
    Stories of Learning, Learning from Stories
  • LLL SIG (Lifelong Language Learning)
    Fostering a Sustainable Language Teaching and Learning Community
  • LiLT SIG (Literature in language Teaching)
    Literature in Language Teaching SIG Forum
  • Listening SIG
    Listening SIG Showcase
  • MAVR SIG (Mixed, Augmented, and Virtual Realities)
    MAVR Immersive Learning Showcase 2024
  • PIE SIG (Performance in Education)
    Potpourri for the Mind and the Classroom
  • Pragmatics SIG
    AI, Pragmatics, and the Language Classroom
  • Student Peer Interaction Network (SPIN) Committee
    SPIN Forum
  • Study Abroad SIG
    Workshop and Poster Session - SA Lessons and Activities
  • TEVAL SIG (Testing & Evaluation)
    Assessment Issues in the Classroom: A Conversation with Dr. Daniel Isbell

Sunday, May 26th (10:10 ~ 11:40)

  • Bilingualism SIG
    Bilingualism SIG Forum
  • BRAIN SIG (Mind, Brain, and Education)
    Brain Basics: Sharing our favorite resources
  • CALL SIG (Computer Assisted Language Learning)
    Artificial Intelligence and Impacts on Language Education
  • Critical Thinking SIG
    Critical Thinking SIG Forum
  • DEI Committee (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion)
    JALT's SIGs and Committees in Discussion: Embracing DEI as a Core Value
  • Extensive Reading SIG (ER)
    Extensive Reading Forum
  • MW SIG (Material Writers)
    Teachers, Students, and A.I.s: Interactions in the modern classroom
  • OLE SIG (Other Language Educators)
    Introducing New Ideas, Cultures & Languages to Students
  • Teacher Development SIG
    The Boon and Bane of Digitalized Education: Building New a Foundation
  • TYL SIG  (Teaching Young Learners)
    Scrambled Eggs! (Let's work together to support each other!)