Call for Candidates: 2025 PanSIG Conference Chair and 2025 PanSIG Site Chair

Call for Candidates: Conference Chair

The PanSIG Executive Committee is looking for a Conference Chair to coordinate the PanSIG 2025 Conference (location TBA). The conference will be held in late May of 2025. We are looking for someone with great organizational and communication skills. Experience working within the JALT SIG system would be preferable but not necessary.

The Conference Chair can come from anywhere in Japan. Most of the conference chair's work takes place online (the 2024 executive committee is using Basecamp and holds weekly meetings in the lead up to the conference), and during face-to-face meetings at JALT events, like EBMs. The Conference Chair is responsible for the coordination of the event (ensuring participation of JALT SIGs, setting up a vetting team, putting in place a team to promote the event, acting as a liaison between the SIGRep and the PanSIG Committee).

The Conference Chair works closely with the PanSIG Executive Committee and the Site Chair to coordinate one of JALT’s biggest annual conferences. The successful candidate will serve on the PanSIG Executive Committee for a total of three years, one year shadowing the current conference's Conference Chair, one year as Conference Chair, and one year as an advisor for the next conference.

Interested parties should contact Grant Osterman, JALT’s Special Interest Group Representative Liaison, at

Conference Chair Duties

The Conference Chair has the following responsibilities:

  • Oversee the creation of the conference program, beginning with the conference management calendar
  • Invite SIGs to participate in PanSIG and confirm that SIG Representatives have read and understand the Participation Requirements
  • Fill the team leader positions and assemble a working committee from returning volunteers and new SIG volunteers
  • Coordinate the creation of a conference budget with the Conference Treasurer
  • Make financial decisions under the guidance of the Conference Treasurer and Executive Committee
  • Coordinate and support the individual members of the Working Committee involved in implementing the conference program
  • Approach potential invited speakers
  • Communicate closely and coordinate with the Site Chair 
  • Communicate regularly with the advising committee
  • Share meeting agendas and minutes with the advising committee
  • Update this document and preserve institutional knowledge to improve the conference planning experience

Call for Candidates: Site Chair