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PanSIG Journal Review Forms

Please use the PanSIG Journal Review Template (Word file, click to download) when reviewing articles.

PanSIG Conference Proceedings Review Points

Please keep the following points in mind when reviewing the paper, and write constructive opinions based on the following:

  1. Significance of the topic/problem/practice and potential interest to SIG readers
  2. Description of the topic/problem/practice within a theoretical/conceptual framework
  3. Use of literature to support the above framework/engage with others in the field
  4. For research-oriented articles
    • Appropriateness of research design and method
    • Accurate/clear description of research findings
    • Sound argument and interpretation of findings
  5. For teaching practice-oriented articles
    • Appropriateness of the practice and sound rationale
    • Clear description of the innovation/practice itself and any outcomes
    • Clear and sound statement of implications of the innovation/practice
  6. Logical conclusion
  7. Complete, clear, and well-organized presentation of paper
  8. Any other issues

Please refer to the following template closely: PanSIG Journal Review Template (Word file, click to download).