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Bear Warnings at PanSIG 2017

Please be cautious of bears in the local area of PanSIG 2017! Be aware there are bears living in the forest next to the Akita International University campus. Every year there have been reports that bears have been spotted roaming around AIU campus.

The Asian black bear is a retiring kind of beast. It's unlikely to bother you if you don't bother it and for that reason its best to avoid startling a bear, so make noise as you walk and keep a look out. Having said that, it could easily maul you to death so caution is advised. (Akita travel guide)

Bear Advice

To avoid encounters with bears, and if you do encounter bears:

  • DO NOT enter the forest around AIU.
  • DO NOT participate in outdoor activities alone around mountains or forests.
  • Refrain from outdoor activities at dawn or dusk, when bears are especially active.
  • If you walk around forest areas, please wear a bell or carry a radio to make noise.
  • If you see a bear cub, do not approach it. There is a high chance that the mother bear is near the cub. Leave the site immediately.
  • If you encounter a bear, back away slowly and leave the site quietly.
  • If you see bear prints or feces, leave the site.
  • Follow the regulations for throwing away garbage. In Komachi Hall and on-campus apartments, please close the door of the garbage collection site and cooperate with preventing on-campus litter.
  • Please contact the Division of General Affairs if you see a bear. Tel: 018-886-5901, Email: generalaffairs(AT)

Asian Black Bear