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PanSIG Planning Meetings

Zoom meetings

The PanSIG planning committee meets regularly to prepare for the conference. Each SIG of JALT should send a representative to these meetings. Also, people who'd like to volunteer for PanSIG should also attend. Please contact Conference Chair Parvathy Ramachandran for information about how to join.

We meet on Mondays at 8 PM (20:00) on Zoom.

Basecamp Team

Also, as a representative of your SIG or as a conference volunteer, please join the JALT PanSIG Team on Basecamp.


What is Basecamp?

Basecamp is project management software with message boards, to-do lists, scheduling, and file sharing. JALT uses Basecamp for its internal communications. There are several Basecamp "Teams" dedicated to specific groups within JALT. All program chairs, for example, can join the Program Chairs Team. There are teams for JALT's various conferences, committees, chapters and SIGs. 

Is Basecamp an app?

You can run Basecamp as an app on your computer or mobile device. You can also visit Basecamp with a web browser.

Download information:

Basecamp seems expensive for me...

JALT pays for Basecamp, so it is free for all of the JALT people using Basecamp. As a member of a JALT team on Basecamp, you do not have to pay.