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Yuichi Nakagaichi (中垣内 祐一)

English for Sports and International Communication

Yuichi Nakagaichi will join the GILE SIG's forum, titled "English for Sports and International Communication", on Saturday, May 25th (13:10 ~ 14:40). He will talk about how English ability is an asset when performing sports at the international level.

Yuichi Nakagaichi played on the Japan National Men's Volleyball Team at the 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona, Spain, and was the head coach of the team from 2017 to 2021. Born in Fukui, he has returned to his hometown as a professor at Fukui University of Technology in the Department of Sports Health Sciences. PanSIG 2024 welcomes Professor Nakagaichi as an invited speaker to our conference.

Profile of Yuichi Nakagaichi

  • November 2, 1967: Born in Fukui City, Fukui Prefecture
  • March 1986: Graduated from Fujishima High School in Fukui Prefecture
  • March 1990: Graduated from University of Tsukuba
  • 1989-2000: Japan national men's volleyball team player
  • 1990-2004: Sakai Blazers player
  • May 2004: Appointed Head coach of Sakai Blazers
  • 2009-2011: Assistant Coach, U.S. Men's National Team
  • April 2009: Appointed Head coach of the Japanese men's volleyball team
  • August 2021: 7th place in men's volleyball at the Tokyo Olympics
  • June 2022: Retired from Nippon Steel Corporation
  • October 2022: Appointed Professor, Department of Sports and Health Science, Fukui University of Technology

All-Japan Team International Tournaments

  • Participated in the Asian Championships 3 times
  • Participated in the Asian Games 3 times
  • Participated in the World Cup 3 times
  • Olympic Games (Barcelona): 6th place
  • Participated in 3 World Championships

Domestic Tournament Results

  • Japan League, V League: 3 championships, 3 runner-up finishes
  • All Japan Championship: Winner 1 time, Runner-up 2 times
  • Individual Titles in Nippon League and V-League
    • Best player award: 3 times, Bravery award: 3 times, Best 6 award: 9 times
  • All Japan Championship Individual Titles
    • MVP: 1 time, Fighting Bravery Award: 3 times, Best 6 Awards: 4 times

Achievements as a coach

  • 12th V-League Champion
  • World Cup 2019 4th place
  • 7th place at Tokyo Olympics